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Get the fastest food delivery in this Quarantine from Amritsr Restaurant

The major part of the world is following quarantine to prevent transmission of novel COVID-19. The lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic has also affected the food industry. However, Amritsr’s online food delivery in Bangkok enables you to enjoy hearty and healthy meals in quarantine. 

The coronavirus outbreak has brought many cities in the world, including Bangkok, to a standstill. But this does not mean you have to sacrifice everything you love, especially the food from your favourite Indian restaurant, Amritsr. We are still offering Indian food delivery in Bangkok to our customers during the quarantine period. 

According to experts, there are very slim chances of contracting coronavirus from online food delivery Bangkok. Even if there is slightest of risks involved, it can easily be mitigated with proper cleanliness and precautions that people are already taking, such as throwing away the package immediately after receiving it and washing hands properly before eating food.  

Is our home delivery food safe during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, ordering and eating our food distributed through home delivery is safe. While coronavirus can survive on food packaging for up to 24-72 hours, there are fewer chances of transmission if you follow thorough hand washing after receiving your package. 

At Amritsr, we instruct our chefs, kitchen staff, as well as delivery guys, to wear gloves and masks while preparing food and delivering food package to customers. This means there are no chances of food contamination during food preparation and home delivery of Indian food by Amritsr restaurant. 

Since our kitchen and delivery staff take proper care of hygiene and safety precautions in the current pandemic scenario, handling any of our online Indian food delivery packages is considered safe. 

Why Order Online Food from Amritsr Restaurant in Quarantine?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have gained the trust of many customers with our authentic Indian food and fastest Indian food delivery in Bangkok. Even during the quarantine situation, we have still sustained our reputation of being the most reliable restaurant and Indian food delivery in Bangkok.

Here’s why you can trust our online Indian food delivery in Bangkok:-

Convenience for Customers

In the wake of coronavirus, we all are instructed not to step out of our homes. So, there’s no way you can go to a restaurant to enjoy your favourite Indian food. But all thanks to Amritsr’s online food delivery service, you can enjoy a hearty Indian meal in the comfort of your home. 

We offer easier and faster Indian food delivery to customers to provide them with the utmost convenience while satisfying their craving for tasty, flavourful Indian food. With the convenience of ordering food online, customers have the option to order desired Indian food. 

Home Cooked Meals in Lockdown

If you are bored of preparing food at home or don’t know how to cook, Amritsr’s online food delivery is a bliss, especially during the lockdown. You can easily scroll through our online menu to select the desired dishes, snacks or desserts. It is the best way to enjoy our restaurant’s food during this quarantine period. 

But if you’re wondering whether restaurant food is good for health, you must know that we prepare Indian food with traditional spices and herbs, as well as fresh ingredients. This makes all our dishes healthy and full of flavours.

We prepared food following the traditional Punjabi recipes so that you get the authentic North Indian taste in every meal you order. Therefore, there is no way that you’ll miss out on good home-cooked meals even during the quarantine. 

Reasonable Prices

We offer reasonable prices on food orders and even offer special discounts if you order regularly. We even offer some discounts on a certain credit card or online mobile app payments. This provides easy payment facility to customers while helping contact-free delivery between the delivery guy and the receiver. 

Variety of dishes

By ordering food online, you can enjoy new dishes every day or every other day. So, if you’re working from home in quarantine and not able to cook meals due to heavy workload, you can easily order from our website and enjoy different dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices.  

Our food menu includes various lip-smacking vegetarian dishes, such as Dal Makhani, Chhole Bhature, Paneer Tikka and more. We also offer many non-vegetarian food items like Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, etc.

We even offer amazing dessert options, including Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa, Ras Malai and more. And, what makes us stand out from the crowd is our faster home delivery, soon after confirming your food order. 

Order Food 24/7 

If you often crave for snacks late at night and can’t prepare food at the wee hours, just pick up your phone, visit our website, scroll the menu and order anything you want to eat. At midnight, ordering online food is the best option for people who work late at night or often need mid-night snacks to satisfy their hunger pangs.  

At Amritsr, we offer 24/7 food delivery service to customers. Our staff members take care of all your food orders at any time of the day/night. So, there’s no need to look at the clock when ordering food from us. 

Offer Great Service

We understand the need for faster food delivery to offer an amazing experience to online customers. Here are some important points that we take care of: 

  • Delivering hot food: Customers need hot food at the time of delivery. So, we ensure that the food is fresh and hot at the time of delivery. We also equip delivery guys with insulated food boxes to keep your food warm and cool (depending on what you’ve ordered). For ice cream and drinks, we use dry ice to keep them frozen and fresh.  
  • Pack food carefully: We make sure that we pack food in good condition. For example, the package must not be split and must look appealing to customers. Therefore, we use spill-free containers to avoid any mess. 
  • Take care of food safety: During food preparation and packing it in containers, our staff always wears gloves and masks to ensure there is no contamination during the preparation and packing of your meals. 
  • Emphasis on add-ons: We also integrate your food package with basic add-ons, such as chilli flakes, oregano, napkins and other condiments. It offers a better customer experience, as we take care of your smallest needs. 

Follow the standardized delivery procedure

We have already assigned responsibilities to our delivery and kitchen staff. We ensure that the kitchen team is aware of who is in charge of your orders so that the orders are kept ready in time. The delivery guys are instructed about their coverage area and to maintain proper distance while delivering food packages.

This way, we ensure that the standard delivery procedure is followed and the delivery team matches the content accurately without any delay or wrong order. We understand that customers don’t like late deliveries; therefore, we ensure to take care of every aspect to maintain on-time food delivery. 

Contactless delivery is crucial

At this time, our delivery team is instructed to follow a contactless delivery procedure. This is important to maintain a safe distance between staff and customers.

Due to increasing fears and anxieties of customers and convenience of contactless delivery, this delivery procedure must be followed even after COVID-19 crisis is over. Therefore, we are already helping our staff to get accustomed to this delivery procedure to stay ahead of the curve.   

Precautions to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 

We need to make delivery as convenient as possible for patrons and drivers delivering the food. However, we recommend customers to leave clear delivery instructions if the delivery guy is not familiar with your locality. You must also include details or cross street details to help the delivery guy to identify your house easily. 

The customers must provide delivery preferences as well. For instance, if your children might be sleeping at the time of delivery and you don’t want them to wake up, you can leave instructions for our delivery driver to knock or leave the package outside and give you a call instead of ringing the doorbell. 

Follow contactless delivery by suspending cash payments and paying online. With practical social distancing and taking proper hygienic measures, we ensure offering much-needed comfort and 24/7 food delivery to our customers.  

Once your food arrives, you must remove the package and throw it in the dustbin. After that, immediately wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus from food package to your hands. This way you can safely enjoy food without any fear of virus transmission. 

It’s also advised to reheat your food as a further precaution. However, due to the short delivery handling time of package and the person eating food, many health experts state that the risk of transmission is very low. 


To stay ahead of curve, Amritsr online food delivery Bangkok ensures offering the best customer experience even at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. We take all essential measures to ensure the safest home delivery of Indian food during this pandemic. So, customers can easily go for Indian food delivery without any hesitation or fear of transmission.

However, it’s also recommended that customers take care of hygiene and maintain social distancing while receiving their food package. When both staff members and customers do their part by sanitizing their hands and washing hands after contact, opting for our Indian food delivery Bangkok remains a safe option even during the crisis. 

At Amritsr, we monitor the health of the staff and also ensure they wear masks and gloves while preparing and delivering the food to keep both customers and other staff members safe. However, we also encourage patrons to take proactive precautions for safely enjoying the food without any fear of transmission.

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