How to cook Mutton Rogan Josh at home in few steps?

Mutton Rogan josh, a classic delectable comfort Kashmiri Cuisine is an Indian dish which is made with lamb, authentic spices, herbs and yogurt. You will be attracted to this wonderful Kashmiri Rogan Josh and will turn back to an Indian restaurant in Bangkok for a spectacular dine-in. You can serve it with plain rice, roti, naan or Sheermal. This recipe will give you tender and juicy lamb with some tender pieces of meat in an extremely delicious sauce. Want to know the recipe of Mutton Rogan Josh then read the article below for your reference. 

About Rogan Josh

Well let us talk about the bifurcation of Rogan Josh. Rogan is called “roughan” means oil and Josh means stew or to braise. In simple words, the dish is stewed in intense heat or oil. 


Ingredients used in the recipe of Mutton Rogan Josh

1) Tender Lamb (around 500 to 700 grams of mutton)
2) Some ghee or oil (qty should be 2tbs)

3) Asafoetida

4) Yogurt

5) Salt as per taste

6) Kashmiri red chilli powder

7) 1 cup of hot water

8) Bay Leaf

9) Cloves 

10) Cinnamon

11) Cardamoms

12) Fennel seeds powder

13) Ginger powder


Recipe of Mutton Rogan Josh

1) Take a heavy bottom skillet and put some oil in it. 

2) Add some spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf. You can also try some ground spices. 

3) When the spices start to sizzle add pieces of mutton and sear it for a while on high flame.

4) Try to turn the meat colour to brown through the heating process. So that the meat should be properly cooked at the end of the recipe. 

5) Once you fry the meat, add yogurt separately in a bowl and mix the ground spices like fennel powder, red chilli powder, ginger powder and salt. In step 2, don’t add ground spices if you are following step 5.

6) Whisk all the ingredients together. If yogurt becomes too thick then you can add little amount of water in it. 

7) Now add asafoetida in the meat. Remove the pot from the flame and add yogurt mixture in the meat pot. 

8) Now in the next step, mix them together and cook the mixture for 4-5 minutes on a medium flame. 

9) Try to add a little amount of water in the pot as per the quantity. 

10) Keep stirring for 10-15 minutes of the mutton rogan josh. Make sure that the pieces should become tender and soft. 

11) This dish is a slow cooked dish. Don’t get excited and hurry while cooking this dish. Otherwise the pieces will not fall off from the bones. And the gravy should be slightly thicker. It automatically mingles with the pieces of mutton. 


12) Check the taste of the dish. If need be check the quantity of salt. 

13 )Turn off the flame and keep the pot as it is for a while. This will help to thrive more flavours of the mutton rogan josh. After that you can serve this Indian curry with roti , naan or lachcha paratha. It can also be best served with plain rice or pulao. 

Well, these steps will definitely assist in the cooking of mutton rogan josh but if somehow you want to try the restaurant style mutton rogan josh then head to Amritsr restaurant in Bangkok which is the hub of Indian dishes in Bangkok.

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