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kadhai Paneer Recipe

How to Prepare Kadhai Paneer? Kadhai Paneer Recipe

Explore the restaurant-style recipe of Kadai paneer masala

Succulent, delicious and spicy are not synonyms actually they are qualities of an Indian dish. Yes, you heard that right. Uniquely flavored, flavourful, and spicy cooked with paneer this indian curry is called Kadai Paneer. It can be served with paneer butter masala or shahi paneer. Give this dish a try with your family members at the Indian restaurant in Bangkok where you will get the authentic flavors to taste because they are cooked by native Indian chefs. You can have this curry with naan, butter roti or jeera rice.
You might be wondering why this dish is called Kadhai paneer. Well, Kadhai is a kind of utensil or akin to Chinese wok. Actually this dish is cooked in a kadai like a wok, hence it is called kadai paneer or karahi paneer. And paneer is cheese in simple terms.

There are two types of Kadai paneer that comes into picture:

Gravy Version: This kind of version is often served in most eateries or restaurants. With its own mixture, texture and taste, this dish is freshly served with utmost care.

Dry Version: If you want this version, then don’t add water while making it. Semi-dry tomato masala is enough for this version to get the desired kadai paneer in a dry form.

1) Prepare the following things before cooking Kadai paneer:
2) Chopper onions
3) Chopped tomatoes
4) Cutting layers of onions
5) Cutting layers of capsicum
6) Cubed pieces of cheese

After collection of all the ingredients add the ingredients to the blender:
1) 2 tbs of coriander seeds
2) 4 to 5 deseeded red chilies (preferable Kashmiri)
3) Some fennel seeds
4) Cardamoms

Recipe of Kadai Paneer masala:

a)First of all you need to make onion tomato masala. Start to make a coarse or fine powder as per your liking. Better If you use coarse powder to make kadai paneer more authentic and traditional. Eventually, your coarse ground spices will be cooked in the gravy. Set this aside for a while.

b) Now heat the skillet with some cooking oil on it. Saute some cubed onions with some cashews in it. Heat the flame until the mixture becomes golden.

c) Now add some chopped tomatoes in the mixture until tomatoes become mushy, tender, and soft. Add salt to fasten the cooking process.

d) Cool the mixture after keeping it aside for some time and then start your next step of cooking this dish.

e) The mixture which you were preparing in a blender, add this onion-tomato mixture and blend them together to get the paste associated with it. To make more paste, you can add water if need be.

Making of Kadai Paneer:

1) Initiate the process of cooking kadai paneer. Put some cooking oil on the skillet and add capsicum and onions to it. To get the restaurant-style flavors, always prefer the used pan which you used earlier for sauteing onions.
2) Toss it frequently to avoid unnecessary burning of the materials.
3) Now add the main part of the dish i.e cheese in the skillet and toss it for 60 to 90 seconds on medium heat to get the desired results. Don’t even overcook the paneer otherwise the whole dish will become bland.
4) In the other skillet, saute the ginger paste accordingly and mix the ground spices. Make sure to roast all the spices properly to get the aromatic flavors. Now add the puree of onion & tomato.
5) Don’t forget to add garam masala and kashmiri chili to bring out the good color of the gravy.

Making of Gravy:

1) The easy steps ahead for you, just add water in the saute mixture and boil it some time.
2) Cook the gravy properly until it becomes thick and aromatic. Now you can add crushed kasuri methi to get extra flavors.
3) Add all the capsicum, paneer mixture in the current gravy and blend them together. Slowly you will see the results.
4) Add ginger juliennes in the mixture and cover the lid but turn the stove off, so that your dish could not be overcooked.
5) Then transfer all the mixtures to the serving bowl, and voila. Your kadai paneer is ready to eat with naan, butter roti or jeera rice.

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