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Step by Step Procedure to Prepare Palak Paneer

Spicy, creamy and cheesy, everyone’s favorite and popular Indian vegetarian dish- Palak Paneer is a name worth taking for every household who cook it with authentic flavours. This delectable dish can be easily cooked without blanching spinach and loading numerous vegetables. 

Palak Paneer in true sense is a combination of two main ingredients: paneer which is “cheese” and palak which is “spinach”. This North Indian dish is a part of every Indian restaurant in Bangkok if you are going to visit with your family and friends. In other words, paneer is simmered in a gravy with spinach scattered all around. As usual, the spices are always there in this dish like tomatoes, onions, spinach leaves, and the thickness and richness of the gravy are maintained during the cooking process.


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Now let’s have a look at the steps of palak paneer recipe:


1)Indian Cottage cheese should be 250 to 300 gms.

2)150 grams of spinach is essential(as per quantity of the dish)

3) 2tbs of cooking oil or butter.

4) 100 grams of cutting onions.

5) Ginger garlic paste should of 1 tbsp

6) Some chopped tomatoes

7) Blanched almonds or cashew nuts

8) Garam masala as per your taste

9) Some dried fenugreek leaves

10) 3 green cardamoms

11) Cinnamon

12) 2 to 4 cloves

13) Some cumin seeds


Recipe of Palak Paneer at best Indian restaurant in Bangkok

1) Always use fresh and packed spinach leaves. Don’t use large stems or stalks.

2) Rinse the leaves in a pan of water. You can use vinegar to drain off the water.

3) Put some oil in the skillet and add some green chillies. Don\’t put red chilli powder in this dish. Let it be green and enjoy the greenness of this dish. Heat the skillet accordingly.

4) Now add some spinach leaves and cashew nuts in the mixture. 

5) Saute the mixture for sometime until spinach wilts off.

6) Don’t evaporate the mixture and make sure that raw flavors of the leaves have gone.

7) Cool the mixture for sometime and transfer the entire mixture in a blender with some water.

8) The puree should be thick and smooth and keep it aside.

9 ) Now comes the gravy part. Take another skillet and cooking oil or butter in it and heat the skillet for a while. 

10) Add basic spices like cardamom, cumin seeds, chopped onions and tomatoes, 

11) Deep fry the onion mixture with garlic ginger paste. Carry on the process until the aroma of onions comes out.

12) Don’t forget to add chopped tomatoes with salt as per your taste and saute them well meticulously.

13) Add flavourful garam masala when tomatoes become mushy. 

14) Pour ¾ cup of water in the mixture and heat the mixture and cook the tomatoes on a medium heat. At the end of preparation, add some kasuri methi to make the dish more tasteful and aromatic.

15) Now take spinach puree and tomatoes/onion mixture and mix them completely because in a short while cubed paneer will serve the purpose. 

16) In this step, you will add cottage cheese or cubed pieces of paneer and give the mixture a good stir. You can also add cream in this step if need be.

17) Now serve the dish and relish it and remember the aforementioned steps for future purposes. 


Some amazing healthy benefits to eat more palak paneer:


1) Nutritious: This dish has vital minerals like magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Potassium , Calcium and many more which you can’t avoid. These minerals help in smooth functions of the heart and muscles of the body. If you are looking for some healthy booster shots then head to Amritsr restaurant in Bangkok and grab this sumptuous dish.

2)Beneficial in pregnancy: Palak paneer is greatly advantageous for pregnant women because it enhances the immune system of the body. Folate present in this dish helps in the development of the baby\’s brain and immune system. 

3) Improves Digestion: This dish is a rich source of proteins which is essential for the human body and bolster the digestive system of the body. It keeps the digestive related ailments away and keeps you healthy at all times if you intake this dish on a frequent basis.

Besides offering you a friendly, amicable and relaxing environment, Amritsar restaurant provides you a great deal of cuisines. Among them Palak paneer is the most likable dish by the localities. 

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