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butter chicken

What is the Recipe of Butter Chicken & It\’s Brief History?

The exemplary dish of Indian cuisine “ Butter Chicken”  that rivals any restaurant or take outButter Chicken: The king of non-vegetarian dishes” Butter Chicken” does not need any recognition. Its taste is enough to savour your taste buds. The other names of Butter chicken are “Chicken Makhani”, “Murgh Makhani”. This lip-smacking dish is quite popular among North Indians, especially in Punjabi people. Even in Delhi, which is called the culinary capital of India, there are a lot of varieties of butter chicken that people make accordingly and relish the dish with their loved ones. Considering that, we have started serving butter chicken in our restaurant. Bangkok locals do come and visit this best butter chicken restaurant in Bangkok. Let’s talk about the history of butter chicken in this article below:


History and origin of Butter Chicken

Let\’s explore the mystery about butter chicken. Is butter chicken really an Indian dish? Of course, most people would say it is definitely an Indian dish since this is quite favorite among Punjabis. But here is the catch, this dish was invented in Peshawar(now in  Pakistan) by a man named Kundan Lal Gujral.

Kundal Lal used to work in a sweet shop whose name was “Mukhey Da Dhaba”. The owner of the shop was Mokha Singh who was quite elderly at that time with respect to young Kundal Lal. In that shop, Kundan Lal also invented Tandoori Chicken with his great culinary skills.

With passing time, Mokha Singh’s health deteriorated and he sold his shop to Kundan Lal, since then Moti Mahal (he changed the shop’s name to Moti Mahal) has become quite famous and created history.

Being an astute businessman, he realized that hanging Tandoori Chicken in the seekhs gets dry out with passing time if it gets unsold, then he cooked up an idea in his mind and started prepping for making gravy with some mixture of spices, cream, butter, etc. And there it was, the king of dishes “Butter Chicken” made.

In 1947, India got partitioned and Gujral made his way to India from Pakistan. He settled in Delhi and from there he started the chain of restaurants with the name of Moti Mahal. And rest, you know the history. We hope you hop in Amritsr, the best restaurant in Bangkok with your family and friends.


Why is it called butter chicken and what is the recipe for butter chicken?

Once you visit Amritsr, the best butter chicken restaurant in Bangkok, you will taste the mouth-watering delicacies. Butter chicken is one of them. This is usually prepared in a buttery gravy with a lot of Indian spices and in addition to that, the cream is also added to give curry a smooth texture. Some restaurants use ghee in lieu of butter or some use the combination of butter and ghee in varying amounts. Hence, butter chicken is formed by our well-trained chefs and that’s why it is called Butter Chicken. 

Recipe of Butter Chicken:

Bring the raw fresh chicken of standard quality.

Marinate it and refrigerate it for some time.

Add some Indian garam masala powder to it.

Cut the tomatoes carefully and make their small pieces and blend them without any seeds in a grinder.

You can also add some almonds or cashews to give some extra taste.

In the marination process, you can also add yogurt or curd with of course garlic paste and other basic spices.

Make sure you marinate it for at least 12 hours to make your pieces of chicken softer.

Grill the chicken in an oven or hot pan with some oil on it. Remember do not overcook it.

Cooking should be done till the moisture oozes out.

Prepare it and serve it on the platter.

Voila, Your Butter chicken is ready to fulfill your hunger.


The aforementioned steps are usually performed by our staff to give butter chicken its authentic taste and Bangkokians love it without any complaint. So what are you waiting for? Because Amritsr, the best restaurant in Bangkok, is waiting for you.


Bring the raw fresh chicken of standard quality

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