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Top 5 Reasons Why We are Best Family Restaurant in Bangkok?

A very popular saying goes, “A family that eats together stays together, But in today\’s fast-paced world, it has become immensely hard to take out the time for families to eat together. We know that family holds a special place in everyone\’s life and it enables us with the strength to take on challenges in our lives. Therefore, it is being advised to eat at least a one-time meal with your family. So as a parent, if you are planning to take out your family for a nice get-together over delicious food, then it becomes hugely important to choose an ideal family restaurant where you enjoy a peaceful meal with your family. However, a lot of parents find it frustrating while choosing the best Family restaurant in Bangkok.


So if you are looking for the best family restaurant in Bangkok to spend some quality time, then you\’ve landed on the right page. Amritsr Restaurant is considered to be the best Family Restaurant in Bangkok.

So if the above statement makes you curious about What makes Amritsr Restaurant – Best Family Restaurant in Bangkok, then check out the following features that make us the best family restaurant in Bangkok.


5 Reasons Why We are Best Family Restaurant in Bangkok?

Kids Friendly: The first thing as a parent that you look at while choosing a family restaurant is whether it\’s kid-friendly or not. As we know it\’s no secret that kids are picky eaters and they may not share the same enthusiasm as you for the food you like. So we have made sure to enlist special dishes, desserts to make your kids have a wonderful time here. Moreover, one more thing that you worry about as a parent while taking out your kids for a dinner is the safety & overall environment of the restaurant. We have ensured to have child- friendly atmosphere inside our restaurant so that they can enjoy the best time with you.

Affordable Pricing: A lot of families who want to hang out over food hesitate because of huge bills. Pricing plays a big role for families trying to get a meal out. Therefore, keeping it in mind, we have kept prices minimal especially for families lunch or dinners so it does not burn a hole in their pockets. All our dishes are fairly priced without compromising on the quality & taste of food. Moreover, we always come up with special discounts on takeaways, Dine-in, or ordering online to encourage families to spend some quality time with families over delicious food.

Friendly Staff: Rude Staff or staff who does not pay attention towards you is the last thing that you want to experience in a restaurant. It can entirely ruin your mood. We have an excellent staff who pays full attention to you and make sure that you spend a great time with your family. They have a cheerful, pleasant demeanor & friendly nature especially towards the kids.

Varied Seating Options & parking space: A family restaurant must have varied seating options for kids, adults, and senior citizens. Moreover, one more aspect that families look at while choosing a family restaurant in Bangkok is parking space. We have vast parking space for you to conveniently park your vehicles and varied seating options for kids. So if you are looking for the best family restaurant in Bangkok, then visit us today!

Takeaway Facility: There are families who still don\’t prefer to sit inside the restaurant especially those parents who have very young kids, they may have trouble being still for that long. Therefore, we have the facility of takeaways, families can take away their food parcel and spend a great time while having food Together.

Which is the Best Family restaurant in Bangkok?

Amritsr Restaurant is the best family restaurant in Bangkok offering a great variety of Indian, Chinese, and special buffet at a reasonable price to make your family get together fun. So if you are craving to have a delicious meal with your family, then look nowhere and visit Amritsr restaurant Today!





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