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Top 5 Vegetarian Dishes to Taste in Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok

Indian Culinary is an amalgamation of both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian food. The diverse variety of Food options in Indian culinary can easily help in feeding both vegetarians & Non-Vegetarian. Indian has innumerable cuisines that vary from state to state or within the state.

Did you know India is the largest vegetarian country in the world? So, if you are a vegetarian, and looking for the best vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok, then Amritsr restaurant offers a vast variety of Vegetarian Dishes to crave your hunger!

Here are the 5 most Popular Vegetarian Dishes to Try in our Restaurant:

Dal Makhni:


Dal Makhni is one of the most popular lentil recipes from the North Indian Punjabi cuisine made with Whole Black Lentils. This north Indian dish not only loved in India but across the world. Dal Makhni is highly in demand in Bangkok as well, especially among India\’s who are living here. Dal Makhni is made of black lentils and red kidney beans which are extremely rich in proteins. Thus, if you are looking to taste authentic Dal Makhni here in Bangkok, then look no further and visit Amritsar restaurant because we are the best Dal Makhni restaurant in Bangkok.

Chole Bhature:


This Vegetarian dish is originated from Northern India and it is an extremely popular dish among the Indians. This vegetarian dish is a staple in Punjabi cuisine and if you are a vegetarian looking to taste something spicy that can tantalize your taste buds then this dish is perfect for you. Chole is prepared using chickpeas which are being mixed with a lot of spices and Bhature is different from Poori, it is prepared with Maida and curdled milk. Bhature and Chole look like a pair made in heaven and looks incomplete without each other. Thus, if you are living in Bangkok, Thailand, and want to relish this authentic Vegetarian dish, then Amritsr Restaurant – the best vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok is a place to trust for trying this dish.

Rajma Chawal:


If you are from Punjab, then it could be a cardinal sin if you\’ve not heard of this dish. This is a common dish that is frequently cooked in all Punjabi households and its popularity is not only confined to Punjab and India. Indians who are living abroad have made this Vegetarian dish hugely popular among foreigners. Rajma Chawal is an extremely popular vegetarian dish in Bangkok as well. Rajma is basically a delicious & flavorful curry prepared with red kidney beans which are rich in protein. This dish is mainly being served with rice. So if you want to taste the authentic Rajma Chawal in Bangkok, then head over to Amritsar restaurant to enjoy this flavorful Indian dish.

Mutter Paneer:


It is yet another popular North Indian Dish that is considered to be comfort food for many. This dish is comprised of fresh peas and cottage cheese with an abundant amount of tomato gravy to make you fall in love with this dish. So if you are a vegetarian, looking to eat something lip-smacking and delicious at the same time, then try this dish. Thus, if you are looking for the best restaurant to eat at Mutter Paneer, then choose us over others as we have been preparing this dish for years and we know how to prepare this dish to perfection.

Veg Biryani:


This dish is a perfect reply to all those who think what options does Vegetarin\’s have? Although Biryani was originally meant to be for Nonvegetarians but gradually it evolved to accommodate the taste of Vegetarians. Veg Biryani is prepared with a number of different vegetables added to Veg Biryani to elevate its taste. We prepare the best veg biryani in Bangkok for all veg food lovers, so if you want to taste the best veg biryani in Bangkok then visit us.

Which is the Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok?

We are the best Vegetarian Restaurant in Bangkok offering the best veg dishes cooked to perfection to satiate your hunger. We have years of experience in preparing these dishes so you won\’t feel disappointed over your choice.  So visit us today to try the best vegetarian food in Bangkok.

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