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Indian Starters

Reasons Why People Love to Eat Indian Starters

What Are Indian Starters?

Starters or appetizers are the light dishes usually served at the beginning of the meal or before the main course. Indian starters, as the name suggests, have Indian origin and are packed with Indian spices and flavours. Indian food, in general, is loved by people all around the world.

Why Are Indian Starters So Popular?

Indian starter\’s food is popular for its rich, spicy, and hot flavour. Indian starters unlike others are more wholesome yet not too heavy, leaving the person to crave more.

This makes them ideal appetizers. Indian starters also owe their popularity to the variety of authentic Indian restaurants opening around the world that serve real, spicy, and lip-smacking dishes, which many restaurants used to ignore in the past.

What Are Some Popular Indian Starters?

Many Indian starters find a place in the list of best starters in the world. It would be like cherry-picking when choosing from the vast variety but chicken tikka, hara-bhara kebab, paneer tikka, and chicken tandoori make it to the best Indian starters list.

Here Are Some Reasons Why People Love to Eat Indian Starters:

  • Health: Indian starters are made from a variety of spices that are high in antioxidants. Popular Indian starters also include healthy foods like cottage cheese, potato, mutton, chicken, green leafy vegetables, etc.
  • Taste: Indian food is categorized amongst the most delicious foods around the world. Indian cuisine starters are considered lip-smacking and flavourful.
  • Variety: The best Indian starters include both veg Indian starters and non-veg ones. Indian starter\’s recipes have diverse flavours and aroma. The options in Indian starters leave a person cherry-picking the best. Amongst the best veg starters list, Indian, paneer tikka, tandoori aloo, etc. are a popular mention.
  • Culture: Starters in Indian restaurants always have the essence of Indian culture and cooking style intact. The distinctive variety of herbs and spices present in the food let Indians feel at home everywhere around the world, while people from other cultures also get to appreciate the unique blend of flavours and an insight into the rich Indian food tradition.

List of Starters Available in the Menu of Amritsr, Bangkok:

Veg Starters:

  • Paneer Tikka
  • Paneer Hariyali Tikka
  • Paneer Makhmali Kebab
  • Veg Seekh Kebab
  • Hara Bhara Kebab
  • Tandoori Aloo
  • Special Angara Aloo
  • Mushroom Tikka
  • Mushroom Stuffed Tikka
  • Veg Khazana

Non-Veg Starters:

  • Chicken Tikka
  • Chicken Achari Tikka
  • Chicken Malai Tikka
  • Chicken Reshmi Kebab
  • Chicken Seekh Kebab
  • Chicken Gilafi Seekh [Kali Mirch]
  • Chicken Tandoori
  • Tangdi Kebab – Stuffed Chicken Keema [2 pieces]
  • Murg Dahi Lehsooni Tikka
  • Murg Kalmi Kabab [3 pieces Kalmi]
  • Non-Veg Khazana
  • Mutton Champ [boneless]
  • Mutton Tikka Tawa [Boneless]
  • Mutton Seekh Kebab
  • Mutton Shami Kabab [6 pieces Tikki]
  • Mutton Gulawti [6 pieces Tikki]
  • Fish Tikka
  • Fish fry Koliwada – Bombay Special
  • Prawns Tandoori
  • Prawns Fry Koliwada – Bombay Special
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Final Thoughts:

Indian starters are the ideal appetizers in any restaurant. Indian cuisine starters are rich in flavour and have a lot of variety. Indian food is popular around the world and we at Amritsr ensure that people in Thailand taste it as well.

Amritsr is an Indian restaurant in Bangkok, where one can get authentic Indian starters and food. Indian starters recipe followed by our experienced chefs includes a lot of healthy ingredients, be it cheese, mutton, prawns, and mushrooms, or a large variety of herbs and Indian spices. These ingredients give the dishes a distinctive aroma and taste that compel masses to choose Indian starters over the others.

Popular Indian starters include both veg Indian starters and non-veg ones. Indian cuisine represents a culture of unity in diversity, with flavours from different parts of the immensely diverse culture packed in delicious dishes that not only Indians like but masses from all around the globe as well.


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