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8 Types of Noodles That One Must Try in Bangkok

Noodles (Guay Tiew in Thai) is one of the popular foods in Thailand. However, you must try the best noodles in Bangkok to satisfy your appetite.

From veg noodles to chicken schezwan noodles, you can choose from a variety of noodles when you’re in Bangkok.

However, if you’re confused with so many options, here are the most popular noodles that you must try in Bangkok. These are too delicious to miss!

Here Are 8 Types of Noodles That You Must Try in Bangkok:

1. Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Vegetable Hakka noodles, a famous Indi-Chinese dish, is available in many Indian restaurants in Bangkok, as well as some roadside food joints in the city. This dish is very delicious and will make you crave for more.


Not just kids, vegetable Hakka noodles are popular among grownups as well. You can enjoy it with any number of veggies of your choice.

Generally, mushrooms, carrots, shredded cabbage, capsicum and French beans are added to this dish.

2. Vegetable Schezwan Noodles

Vegetable Schezwan Noodles are very spicy and perfect to be enjoyed as it is or with any Chinese-style curry.

Just like veg Hakka noodles, you can include vegetables of your choice in this recipe and pair it with spicy schezwan sauce for spicier effect.


It is a perfect dish for spice lovers. But if you’re not into spicy food, you might want to avoid this one.

3. Vegetable Garlic Noodles

Vegetable garlic noodles are the healthier noodle due to the presence of garlic in it.

Since garlic is known to have several health benefits, including curing sore throat, you can enjoy this dish when you’re down with the flu or cold.


It is prepared by tossing lightly charred noodles with savoury, gingery and garlicky sauce, along with a touch of nutty sesame oil. The flavours are addictively good!

4. Vegetable Shanghai Noodles

Vegetable Shanghai Noodles (Shanghai cu chao mian) are made with thicker and chewier noodles. This dish is easy to make at home using a few ingredients.


It just takes 15 to 20 minutes to prepare this dish. If you love vegetarian food, this noodle recipe is a great option for you to prepare at home or enjoy at the best restaurant in Bangkok.

5. Chicken Hakka Noodles

Chicken Hakka Noodles includes a zing of soya sauce, chilli sauce, and green chilly. All the ingredients are stir-fried on high flame with delicate chicken pieces and cooked noodles.


It is a great meal for any noodle lover – be it a kid or a grownup. Just combine it with savoury Chinese sauces and you cannot stop yourself from having more.

6. Chicken Garlic Noodles

Like the taste of chewy garlic noodles? Why not enjoy them with some chicken? It is prepared using thick noodles spaghetti, soaked in water, with a mixture of fresh vegetables and savoury chicken.


When served hot, you can enjoy the dish with garlic noodle sauce for an authentic taste. The addition of spicy chilli sauce gives the perfect heat to this meal that is sure to activate all your senses and break a sweat.

7. Chicken Shanghai Noodles

This is the stir-fried chicken noodles dish. Using Shanghai-style thick noodles, this dish is prepared just like the vegetable Shanghai noodles. The only difference is that it contains chicken pieces.


Generally, chicken Shanghai noodles are served as a side dish. However, you may also enjoy it as a quick dinner in your favourite Indo-Chinese restaurant in Bangkok.

8. Chicken Schezwan Noodles

Chicken schezwan noodles are a blast of spices. Besides, chicken schezwan noodles are healthy for you. The crunchiness of vegetables and chicken adds more pleasure to the taste buds.


You’d surely enjoy it at home or your favourite Chinese restaurant. Slurping is allowed!


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