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Best Punjabi Restaurant in Bangkok to Taste True Punjabi Food

Traveling to a foreign country is not easy.  It’s unavoidable and inevitable when it comes to food. Sooner or later you will start realizing the cravings of your native food.  And mind it, if you are an Indian then you will definitely be hit with numerous carvings of Indian food in an alien country.

As we all know India is a diverse country and so are its cuisines. Among all cuisines, Punjabi dishes are quite fantabulous and maintain a special place in the hearts of people who are living outside India. Even in Bangkok, there are so many Indian restaurants where you can try your luck but most of the restaurants do not have authentic and native touch in their dishes. The best Punjabi restaurant in Bangkok as per some folks who have experienced the ambiance of this restaurant is none other than Amritsr restaurant. Want to taste the delights of Butter Chicken, Amritsari Fish, Amritsari Kulcha, Lassi then head to this restaurant without any doubt. 

Let\’s have a closer look at those dishes that can satiate your desi food cravings:

1) Butter Chicken: Delicious rendition of Indian classic, this creamy dish contains all flavours which you crave for and this dish is usually served with naan or butter roti. Chefs prepare this dish with great preparation which includes marinated chicken, yogurt, lemon juice, garam masala, chili powder, garlic paste. In Amritsr restaurant you will get authentic flavors of best butter chicken no matter what.  Cooked in a traditional tandoor style, it is well served with mild curry that includes butter.

2) Amritsari Fish: Amritsari Fish, the name is enough to water your taste buds. This appetizer is surely teased with bursting flavors at Amritsr restaurant. To make this dish, there is a combination of spices and herbs used by the chefs. Some people like to deep fry fish, hence you can ask the chef before ordering your dish so that proper procedure would be followed. Always order fish with a lesser number of bones, this kind of fish will not only add extra taste but also make it suffice for everyone.

3) Amritsar Kulcha: Craving Punjabi desi dishes??? Why don’t you try Amritsari Kulcha at Amritsr restaurant? Made with kitchen ingredients, this north Indian dish is quite famous among Punjabis. Wrapped with stuffed potatoes in a crispy dough, this mouth-watering kulcha is a simple recipe to make at home with fewer ingredients. 

4) Lassi: Whether you call it sweet, salty or masala lassi, this blended yogurt milk or buttermilk is simply refreshing, cool and a probiotic drink that is good for your health as well as your digestive system. It is a summer drink that is often made in common households. Head to the Amritsr restaurant with your family and have some glasses of lassi with happiness and elan.

You will find an array of the best restaurants in Bangkok but in terms of variety of food, taste, budget, and ambiance, Amritsar restaurant in Bangkok has made its mark for quite some time. This hub of foodies presents you with a long list of Indian cuisines that too with native and authentic taste.  Who would not want to have them?  Want to taste the true Punjabi food then nobody will stop you from entering Amritsr restaurant.

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