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Difference Between Tofu & Paneer? Tofu vs Paneer – Which is Healthier?

You’ve possibly relished paneer and tofu in some of your favorite and delicious vegetarian dishes. Both are types of cheese in one way or the other. They are both white, tender, and mild in nature, and they render many of the same nutrients and minerals but in different proportions. 

Paneer or cheese is derived from animal milk like cow and buffalo. Tofu is generally made from soy and does not comprise any  animal-based ingredients.

This article provides you an insight of the differences between paneer and tofu. Have a read the article below to know the benefits of paneer and tofu and most importantly where you can eat the best paneer dishes in Bangkok. 

What is the basic difference between paneer and tofu?


Tofu is produced from soybean drain and it often looks like normal paneer. Though paneer can be easily made at home with some sort of home cooking tips by souring milk but making tofu is not possible.
Tofu, rich in proteins and various nutrients is liked by gym goers and health freaks.

Health benefits of eating paneer and tofu:

1) Protein content: Paneer is an excellent source of protein for persons who are strictly vegetarians. In contrast, non-vegetarians have numerous options to grab protein substances. You might be surprised that even 100 grams of paneer consists of 18 grams of protein, which is quite a good source for vegans. And furthermore, paneer will greatly advantageous for persons who want to reduce unnecessary weight. Tofu in comparison consists of only 7 grams of protein which is produced using soy drain.

2) Fat quantity: Although paneer is considered as a weight reducing agent, it keeps you full for a while after its intake but that will be worth it for your body. Because the fat per 100 gms of paneer is 20 grams which is higher than tofu since tofu contains only 2.5 gms.

3) Calories: Undoubtedly, paneer contains more calories than tofu or soy paneer.  A 100 grams paneer serving contains 270 calories, whereas tofu just has 65 calories. You can simply imagine how suffice it is for the human body in terms of calories. If you are a huge foodie, then that is a different scenario. 

4) Calcium Quantity: All in all, Tofu is also a rich source of calcium. But there is a huge difference between both of them if we compare the calcium quantity.  A 100 gram paneer serving consists of  200 grams of calcium, whereas tofu contains only 130 milligrams of calcium, hence paneer acts as a solid agent for our bones and teeth. 

5) Iron content: Iron is essential for our body because it keeps the hemoglobin levels balanced and maintained. Normal paneer has less amount of iron whereas tofu contains a lot of iron. If you experience paleness in the body then you should start taking tofu. 

You may come across various Indian dishes but paneer dishes at Amritsr restaurant are really a true charm for natives and foodies. As per aforementioned steps, both types of paneer are beneficial for the human body no matter what. Utilization of paneer should be well maintained otherwise it could be disregarding for your body, as they say “ Excess of everything is always bad” 

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