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Top 5 Non Veg Snacks to Try in Our Restaurant in Bangkok

As they say, laughter is the best medicine  and to keep that laughter intact food comes into picture because good food with good nutrition always wins your hearts. Food in the restaurants is categorized into three different parts: Starters which include snacks, main course and desserts/drinks. In this article we will talk about the non-vegetarian snacks which are preferred most in Indian restaurants in Bangkok. Have a look at the article below and decide for yourself which snack you would love to have with your partner, family and friends.

There are various means to fulfill your hunger but non-vegetarian Indian snacks that too at the best restaurant in Bangkok will be icing on the cake. Amritsr restaurant in Bangkok is known for providing the best Indian snacks to their valuable customers with an array of mouthwatering cuisines. So beat the feast with our top 5 non vegetarian snacks.

1) Chicken Chilly Roll: The most delectable north indian snack- Chicken Chilly Roll, it’s name is enough to water your mouth. Made with all purpose flour, yogurt, stir fried chicken and numerous vegetables, these are blended together in the form of paratha or chapati. Ultimately it becomes a roll which is easy to carry with one hand and satisfies your cravings. Chefs always make this snack with great understanding by using the right amount of spices and ingredients otherwise its taste will be lost.

2) Chicken Tikka Roll: Filled with yummilicious chicken, crunchy onions, capsicums and cheese, this lip smacking roll is s flaky tawa paratha which is cooked on a medium skillet. Once these parathas are cooked by the chefs, they can be rolled and put together to serve in front of the guests. Treat it as a snack or dinner party, this non-vegetarian Indian snack is a spicy cooked snack which is quite likable among native Indians at Bangkok. Some restaurants add egg omelette in the stuffing in the chicken tikka roll. So have it with green chutney to sniff some smoky flavours. 


3) Chicken Achari Tikka Roll: Call it quick snack, or call it quick wrap roll, this chicken achari tikka roll is a creamy and healthy lip smacking roll to savour your taste buds. In this roll, chicken fragments are grilled with less usage of oil and this is the best diet for gym goers, if you are in a hurry. Wrap it properly in one hand and have it with great ease. Surely, it is spiced up and flavoured with smoky flavors of mayo and achar. Have this wonderful snack at the indian restaurant in Bangkok with your partners. Your dine-in will be pleasant at the restaurant undoubtedly. 


4) Chicken Seekh Kabab Roll: Be it a kid, teenager or an octogenarian, everybody loves chicken. They trend all over the world with their food habits. Chicken Seekh Kabab Rolls are quite famous among them. With sauteing, cooking, baking and streaming, they are well presented by the chefs. However their flavors may change at some point of time but the originality of the dish will always be sme no matter what. Rich in proteins but low in fats, this non vegetarian snack is undoubtedly the best Indian snack you will have at Amritsr restaurant.

5) Butter Chicken Roll: Made with leftover butter chicken, this chicken roll will make you crazy and excited once you start having it in small bites. Enjoy the licking flavors of this incredibly cooked chicken roll. Roll the parathas, stuff the buttery classy chicken pieces and voila, your chicken roll is ready in a few moments.

Make sure you do not compromise with the quality while choosing restaurants in Bangkok, because every restaurant promises to cater the best food but at the end of the day it’s only you to decide which restaurant serves best Indian snacks so that your experience will become memorable. 

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