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Top 4 Delicious Non Vegetarian Soups That You Can\’t Avoid in Our Restaurant

Soups are considered one of the defensive ways to protect our bodies from viral infections and flu-like problems. Since soups contain disease fighting nutrients and substances, it would be better if you take the intake of soups which are healthy in nature. Most of the time, they are in liquid form and they keep your body hydrated at all times. If you are suffering from any viral, then doctors opine that increase the intake of soups rather than normal food. In Bangkok, there are restaurants who just provide normal food and cuisines but they do not focus towards healthy food items. But if you are residing in Bangkok, then you should explore Amritsr restaurant which is favorite Indian restaurant in Bangkok for many people. In this article we will talk about non vegetarian soups which you can’t resist. 


Have a read the article below and explore the top 4 non-veg soups for your wellbeing:

1) Chicken Manchow Soup

It contains crunchy veggies that are chopped carefully in the soup. And moreover additional spices are also added to gain the extra flavours like frying of the onions, minced ginger, garlic, other ingredients which are important for the recipe of Chicken Manchow Soup. 

Combination of veggies and water, this soup is really a good source of proteins and vitamins for your body. Make sure you boil the soup at its optimum level so that it can be boiled easily. Little fragments of chicken are the main source of energy and proteins which you can’t neglect. 

2) Sweet corn chicken soup

Amritsr restaurant has a good array of healthy soups for their customers. Sweet Corn Chicken soup is one of them. This soup is an Indo Chinese soup dish for many fitness freaks who generally visit this eatery to have this soup. This soup must be part of a meal whether you are eating it for breakfast or lunch. Our chefs keep proper instructions in mind while keeping customer’s interests in mind. What do customer like the most, what types of soups are likable among customers, what customers actually want from the dish soup? These questions are generally raised, hence our chefs do have the answers in their cooking process. As the name signifies, it contains cream style corn, chicken pieces, little egg drops for its texture. Shredded chicken pieces are simmered in sesame oil with cream style corn to make this soup a wonderful dish. Some prefer to add veggies like carrots, beans to get some extra flavors. 

3) Tom Yum Prawn Soup:

Need a healthy boost to your meal? Then must try this top yum prawn soup that will definitely wake up your taste buds. Made with  prawn broth, lemongrass, fresh galangal and kaffir lime leaf, this soup is sour, salty and spicy to eat at the best restaurant in Bangkok.  Tum Yum is a portmanteau of two words in which Tom means boiled and Yum means all the sour,salty flavours. Served with “goong” which refers to  shrimps, prawn, chicken, tofu, etc by our native chefs.  Due to its popularity, there are many types of this soup available at our restaurant.  Experience something extraordinary  with this mouth watering soup at Amritsr restaurant. 

4) Hot & Sour Chicken Soup:

Probably the most famous Thai soups of Bangkok  available at any Thai or Indian  restaurant in Bangkok, this  hot & Sour chicken soup is a combination of bamboo shoots, chicken broths, mushrooms, vinegar, eggs and white pepper. All these aforesaid flavours will surely tickle your taste buds once you have this soup. 

So why eat junk food in Bangkok when you can choose healthy  soups to savour your taste buds. We, at Amritsr, serve a wide range of soups and many other types of Indian dishes which are rich in flavours.

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