Top 5 Best Non Vegetarian Starters to Orders in Our Restaurant

House parties, entertainment activities are all mixed with fun, food and games. From organising little things like drinks, serving and planning a full-blown party could sometimes be a very problematic task. Especially in the case of starters, these play a very initial role in the party. Hosts have to arrange vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian stuff for all the guests. In this article we have curated some non-vegetarian starters that will reduce your workload during the D-day.

We can vouch for these delicious 5 best non-veg starters that will definitely tickle your taste buds and ride your guests on a gastronomic experience of a lifetime.

1) Chicken tikka:
Deliciously succulent, creamy, spicy and aromatic- these are the special qualities of Chicken tikka. It is considered as the best non-vegetarian starter for the parties.
Small to medium chunks  are marinated properly in a batter of yogurt, cream, ginger-garlic paste, cardamom, pepper powder and little lemon juice. . These chunks are then grilled on a microwave or  skewer till they trickle flavours and cook completely.

2) Chicken Achari Tikka:
Chicken Achari Tikka is another name in the list of non-veg starters  made from puny pieces of chicken along with aromatic spices and then they are grilled to perfection in a tandoor or grill.  It has a relishness of aromatic pickles, giving bursting tangy flavours along with tenderness and taste. This delicious snack is easy to cook. This is also called marinated boneless chicken. Gives you an inexpressible feeling of satisfaction while having these tiny delectable chicken pieces. Order this starter at your favorite Indian restaurant in Bangkok.  The ingredients are seasonings, corn starch, soy protein, milk solids, dehydrated garlic and other basic spices. 

3) Chicken Reshmi Kebab: This Mughlai chicken kebab is absolutely silky and boneless. In this starter, chicken pieces are smeared in cream and then they are roasted. Basically you need few basic ingredients and few flavours to prepare this non-vegetarian starter. The silky texture makes it desirable and cherished for everyone and people adore this dish so much. This starter is also called Chicken Malai Tikka or Chicken Malai Kebab or Murgh Malai Tikka. 

4) Chicken Gilafi Seekh Kebab: In this starter, the marinated chicken is used over some skewers along with chopped veggies in the charcoal fire. This is considered as the best Indian minced kebab which you can try at the local restaurant in Bangkok. It is called Gilafi Seekh kebab because “Gilafi” means covering. Hence the covering will take the place of bell peppers, onions and capsicums. After putting in the proper shape, these seekh kebabs are used to cover with chopped peppers. Want to have this minced kebab then order now from Amritsr restaurant. 

5) Murgh Kalmi Kebab: This starter comes under the category of Mughlai cuisine. This starter consists of leg pieces of chicken or chicken drumsticks. These kalmi kebabs have a very nutty aroma because they contain cashews. Furthermore, these kebabs are rich in flavoursome authentic flavours. Yogurt is also the main ingredient of this dish. Serve this murgh kebabs with onion rings  or dahi pudina chutney so that this dish will be responsible for watering your mouth. 

Hope you like this article of non-vegetarian starters that are readily available in the best restaurant of Bangkok ie. Amritsr restaurant.  

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