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Top 5 Non Veg Starters to Try in Our Restaurant in Bangkok

Have you ever fascinated your guests by serving them exciting cuisine experiences in the form of starters? Every party or any happy moment is worthless without delectable food. Whether you are attending parties, weddings, anniversaries, the center of attraction will always be scrumptious food and mouth watering cuisines.

Here in this article we have curated a list of non – veg starters which you can undoubtedly try at our restaurant in Bangkok. We are sure that these starters will make your party more exciting. So make your dine-in experience more memorable at Amritsr restaurant in Bangkok.

Have a look at the article below and read all the top 5 non-veg starters:

Chicken Reshmi Kabab: Made with boneless chicken breast pieces, prepared in the marinated juicy mixture of yogurt, cream, spices and cashew nuts, this dish is quite famous among locals. The most popular and delectable Indian Kebab dish, is served and presented in the most authentic way at this Indian restaurant in Bangkok. Once you start having this dish, the beautiful aroma of desi flavors and the tenderness of chicken fill your mind with more appetite. Some people like boneless pieces and some like chicken leg pieces. No worries, this restaurant has everything to offer to its customers. So try this mouth melting kebab dish at your favorite eatery.

Chicken Seekh Kabab :Packed with goodness and succulent flavors this dish will definitely water your mouth when you start biting it. It has keema flakes and the right amount of seasonings which make your mood awesome and satisfy your cravings. And more importantly, the soft fragrance of Indian desi spices will overwhelm you till the bottom of the heart. What else would you want in this desi Indian dish at Amritsr?

Chicken Gilafi Kebab: Mixed with a melange of desi aromatic spices, this Chicken Gilafi Kebabs are the most eatable dish at Amritsr restaurant. Glittered with chopped bell peppers, these kebabs need little amount of oil to cook. Don\’t get confused with the word Gilafi, well it is an Urdu word having meaning is “cover”, hence this dish got its name and these are chicken gilafi kebabs. Perfect for less budget parties and family dine-ins, this dish is really a stress buster for your mind as well as your body because it gives you essential nutrients for your body.

Murg Dahi Lehsooni Tikka: The irresistible, sticky marinated fried pieces of chicken along with spices and curd, all you can get in the form of Murg Dahi Lehsooni Tikka. Yes you heard that right. This utterly butterly dish is easily available at Amritsr restaurant at an affordable range. And moreover you can enjoy this dish with delicious creamy sauce, that will be the best combination for this dish. So what are you waiting for? Come, visit this restaurant and grab the tender pieces of lehsooni tikka.

Mutton Champ(boneless): These are the most soft and tender mutton champs which are favorite for many. The mutton champs can be acquired from mutton ribs of the animal. Then these are grilled, broiled and you can easily caramelize the pieces of mutton so that it will become favourable for eating. After that pieces become crust from the outer part and you can savor your taste buds while having this flavourful dish.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and you will not resist yourself for these mouthwatering starters at Amritsr restaurant in Bangkok.

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