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birbal kofta

Step by Step Procedure to Prepare Birbal Kofta

If you are fond of having Indian desi curries, it’s probably that you must have tried numerous Indian curries from various eateries and restaurants. But have you ever tried heritage curries in Bangkok? If not, then you should not miss some of the best Indian curries in Bangkok which you can eat with your loved ones.  And most importantly, if you know the recipe of some Indian curry then it would be a win-win scenario for you. In this article we will explain the recipe of Birbal Kofta in very few simple steps. The combination of herbs and authentic Indian spices, curry pastes, and vegetables, make this curry more delectable.

What is the recipe of Birbal Kofta? Know to to cook Birbal Kofta.

Ingredients to cook Birbal Kofta:
1) Grated cheese
2) 4 tbsp of cornstarch
3) Cumin
4) Boiled and grated potatoes
5) 4 Chopped Chillies
6) 3 Tbsp of chopped coriander
7) Mawa
8) Garam masala, black pepper, 1 cinnamon stick, bay leaves
9) Chopped raisins and cashews
10) Tomatoes and onions (chopped)
11) Cardamom powder
12) Kasuri Methi
13) Salt as per taste
14) Saffron
15) Water around 2 cups
16) Oil or ghee

Recipe to cook Birbal Kofta:

1) Blend all the mashed potatoes, cottage cheese and salt together in a bowl and make the mixture into a dough.
2) Now blend all the chopped dry fruits, chillies and mawa in another vessel.
3) Now mix both bowls’ mixture and make them into smooth fluffy balls.
4) Deep fry those balls and keep them aside.
5) Now comes the gravy part- heat the skillet with some refined oil in it. Add cumin, garam masala in the oil and saute this mixture in a medium flame.
6) Now add the chopped onions and tomatoes in the oil and heat them until they become golden in colour.
7) In the separate skillet, boil some 2 or 3 cups of water and immerse cashews in the water. Once the water starts cooling down, cashews will become tender in nature.
8) You can make the paste out of it if you want.
9) Now take the jar blender and mix the onion tomato mixture in it.
10) Now take some ghee and heat the ghee in a skillet. Now blend the onion tomato puree in the ghee and saute them for a while.
11) Now the cashew paste which you made earlier in the steps, add this paste in the current mixture of onion-tomato puree. You can also add little water to maintain the balance and consistency of the whole mixture.
12) Now you can turn off the flame and add cardamom, salt and kasuri methi as per your taste.
13) Your gravy with koftas is ready to serve in front of your guests. Hope you have followed all the specified steps for this recipe of Birbal Kofta. Now you can enjoy this dish with naan, roti and rice.

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