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Top Health Benefits of Chickpeas

 “The more you ingest, the more you consume”

Above quote holds true for Chickpeas or garbanzo beans, which have been liked and eaten by the people who reside in Middle Eastern countries and other Asian nations.  But now these beans are making their popularity in Bangkok in the form of Chickpeas. Because of  their nutty flavor and grainy texture  they pair well with many dishes. Want to savor your taste buds then you must visit the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok and you will get various dishes to eat and that too in favorable prices.

Chickpeas are considered a rich source of minerals, vitamins and fiber, which offer various health benefits, such as weight loss, improvement in digestion problems and lessening the risk of heart diseases.

Additionally, chickpeas also contain high amounts of protein , hence it becomes an excellent choice for vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

Have a look at the science backed health benefits of chickpeas:

1) Nutritious: Chickpeas contain a sufficient amount of nutrients which keep the body healthy and wealthy. In terms of calories, they have around 280 per cup or you can say 180 grams. Around 70% of calories come from carbohydrates, and 30% come from fats and proteins. What if we tell you that chickpeas also contain a certain amount of fibers which impact your body in a positive way. In a nutshell, chickpeas offers you several sources of minerals and vitamins in the form of calories, carbs, fat, proteins, manganese, copper, iron, zinc, thiamine, selenium, potassium, etc.

2) Promotes fullness: Having chickpeas may give you umpteen benefits but most importantly, it bolsters your appetite, detox your body, increases the digestive power of the stomach. The proteins which are highly advantageous , they leave a certain amount of hormones which reduce the appetite in the body. Significant reduction in appetite and calories intake, give your body a great immunity to fight unwanted elements and diseases.

3) Regulates Blood sugar: Chickpeas play the part of support system for controlling blood sugar problems. Due to low glycemic index(GI), this food helps to manage the blood sugar in the body because this food increases sugar after eating this dish. However due to the presence of proteins and fiber, it also leverages and maintains sugar levels in the body. Even some studies suggest that eating chickpeas per week, helps to sustain fasting insulin levels which plays a vital role in blood sugar.
There are also several theories suggesting that chickpeas reduces the risk of heart diseases and digestive problems.

4) Promotes brain health: How about maintaining your brain health while maintaining your physique and internal health of the body? Yes, chickpeas have become a standard source of proteins for mental health and brain functions. Presence of choline in the chickpeas assists and improves the health of the brain.
Magnesium helps in production of neurotransmitters in the brain. This mineral is a key mineral which is suitable for nerve functioning in the upper area of the body. 

5) Inexpensive product: Well, chickpeas are an incredible way of increasing your diet whether you are fitness freak or a normal morning walker. Chickpeas are widely available in the parts of Bangkok that too at very reasonable prices. Due to its versatility , this can be blended with other dishes so that it could give extra benefit in your meal and diet. Even in salads, you can have this wonderful legume.
Want to have crunchy and spicy snack, then roast it properly and incorporate them into burgers or sandwiches.

Bottom Line
Bottom line is simple and easy to understand. Health is wealth. If you compromise your health, then it will affect your body and soul in the long run. So keep your health intact by eating healthy Indian foods in Bangkok. For a remarkable taste and marvelous dishes and flavors visit the Amritsr restaurant in Bangkok and see for yourself. Your money spent will be worth it, that’s we guarantee you. 


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