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Simple steps to Cook Restaurant-Style Amritsari Fish Masala

Simple steps to cook restaurant-style Amritsari Fish Masala at home 

Amritsari Fish Masala is the most likable Indian appetizer. This seems to be a simple dish but it has a lot of bursting flavors along with a combination of spices and herbs. It is made by skilled chefs who know the significance of every spice. This dish is not only famous in North India but also in the streets of Bangkok. Want to know the recipe of Amritsari Fish Masala then hook into this article and enlighten yourself with the short and simple steps of cooking Amritsari Fish Masala.

Tips to cook Amritsari Fish Masala:

1) Flour: Gram flour is used mainly in the cooking of Amritsari Fish Masala, however rice flour can also be used. Due to its nutty aroma, gram flour is commonly used by the native chefs of the restaurant. 


2) Spices: Spices play a very vital role in the recipe of this Indian curry. The most important is Kashmiri Red Chilli powder. Alongside there are very authentic spices which are used in the recipe.


3) Yogurt (or Cream) : Yogurt is used as a binding agent in the making of Amritsari Fish Masala. Hence, it aids in binding all the ingredients which are used in the process. 


Ingredients used in recipe of Amritsari Fish Masala:

1) Around 500 grams of salmon fish (or any kind of fish)
2) Ginger Garlic paste

3) Carom Seeds

4) Salt as per taste

5) Red Chilli powder

6) Dried fenugreek leaves

7) Tandoori masala

8) Dried mango powder

9) 2 tbsp of curd

10) Little lemon juice

11) Gram flour

12) Turmeric

13) 2 tbsp of oil


Recipe of Amritsari Fish Masala:



1) First step starts with drying the fish and then rinsing the fish properly. 

2) Add all the ingredients like lemon juice, gram flour, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric , dried fenugreek leaves, garlic paste in a bowl and mix them together.

3) Add salt if need be and you can also increase the quantity of red chilli powder

4) Now put the fish pieces with curd. Coat the fish pieces with curd. 

5) In the next step, you can sprinkle some water if the pieces are too dry. 

6) In a separate pan, put some oil and heat it on a medium flame. Make sure the oil should be too hot so that noises start emerging out of it when the pieces are put into it.


7) Deep fry the pieces of the fish until they become golden in color. A smell should be coming out of it at this stage. 

8) Now you can serve your Amritsari Fish masala in front of your guests. Make sure to check the taste of masal before serving. 




1) This method involves roasting of gram flour. Dry roast the flour until a wonderful aroma comes out. Make sure to not darken the flour otherwise Amritsari Fish Masala will not taste good. 

2) Set this mixture aside to keep cool for sometime. 

3) Now rinse the pieces of fish and drain the water properly and carefully.

4) Now to the mixing bowl, add all the ingredients like lemon juice, gram flour, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric , dried fenugreek leaves, garlic paste in a bowl and mix them together.

5) Now add the pieces of the fish in the bowl and add water if need be. 

6) Now add the carom seeds in a separate skillet with heated oil in it. 

7) Put the fish pieces when the oil begins to splutter. Keep this process for 4-5 minutes. 

8) Sprinkle a little amount of gram flour on the fish pieces in the skillet and continue the frying process. 

9) This will be the last step. You can taste the fish masala before serving it to guests. 


Hope you follow these steps to cook Amritsari Fish Masala at home while preparing your favorite Indian dish. Want to taste the autherinc flavours of this dish then head to an Indian restaurant in Bangkok where you can get all types of desi flavours. 


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