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Top 5 wondrous snacks to try at our restaurant

Which snack would you like to have with a cup of tea–crispy, spicy, fried or sweet? The combination of tea and a good snack is really eternal. Many tea lovers know this great feeling when they have this combo. You all look forward to some favourite snacks at your favorite restaurant when you have a lot of cravings for this combo thing. The plethora of numerous Indian snacks at some Indian restaurants in Bangkok is worth exploring and amazing. Here in this article, we will take you to the journey of top 5 snacks which you try at the Amritsr restaurant with your mates.

Top 5 wondrous snacks to try at our restaurant

1) Paneer Pakoda:
Having a lovely crispy texture, these cottage cheese fritters are made with moist  and tender cheese from within. Gram flour and paneer are the two main ingredients of this evening snack. Gram flour is made with skinned black chickpeas and they are properly mixed together to make a paste called “besan”. Then this paste is used with the cheese pieces. With the help of cooking oil, these cheese pieces are fried until they get properly cooked. After rinsing them, they are put separately in a skillet. Your fried cheese fritters are ready to eat with some spicy chutney.

2)Aloo tikki chaat
Well, the name of this snack is enough to water your mouth. These super delicious fried potato patties are sprinkled with tangy sweet spicy chutney along with some curd. This snack’s recipe is so simple that you can easily cook this at home with some basic ingredients. Even some chefs add pomegranate arils on the top to make extra flavoursome. The frying procedure is the same , fry in the cooking oil these potato patties for sometime and then rinse them so that an unnecessary amount of oil could be washed out. You can have this snack with some buns or double roti/bread. Have this spicy and sweet snack at your favorite restaurant in Bangkok.

3) Vegetable Grilled Sandwich
As per its name, this sandwich is made with a lot of veggies like tomato, onion, capsicum, etc. Ths ultimate, hearty, healthy and filling snack is really easy to cook for foodies and sandwich lovers. This mouthwatering snack has various versions in terms of American and British. The base of the vegetables is properly mixed with a lot of veggies. With the aid of two slices of bread, this snack is then grilled at some moderate temperature in an oven. The spicy chutney is complimentary but worth it for this snack. If you want more crispiness in the sandwich then you apply butter and then keep it in the same manner in an oven. That crispiness and sharpness will then achieved to tickle your taste buds.

4) Samosa
Want to have flaky, crispy and delectable samosas then head to Amritsr restaurant with your family members and grab this wonderful evening snack. The main ingredient of this snack is potatoes. The fluffy potatoes are stuffed carefully along with some spices, peas and other basic ingredients. Then these samosas are deep fried in a boiled cooking oil. This is quite a popular snack which is generally eaten at parties, family functions and get-togethers. So what are you waiting for? Have this luscious snack at the best restaurant in  Bangkok.

5) Fish Pakoda
Coated with gram flour, spices and carom seeds, these fish pakodas are cooked like usual pakodas in hot cooking oil. This snack is crunchy and refreshing to eat with your mates. Sole fish or singhara are usually cooked to gain some extra and authentic flavours from this wondrous snack.

Above are the top 5 snacks which you can try at Amritsr and satisfy your cravings.

Happy Eating!!!

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