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What is the recipe of Chicken Lababdar?

Are you fed up of trying old Indian curries like Butter Chicken, Kadai chicken, etc every time you visit your favorite Indian restaurant? Well, you don\’t need to worry about that because we have found an alternative for that. This dish is almost akin to butter chicken but far better in terms of taste and delicacy.

It takes very less time to prepare this dish on your table so that you don’t need to wait for its arrival and  kill your hunger for its lip-smacking recipe. So let’s unveil this dish, it’s none other than Chicken Lababdar recipe.

It is the best Mughlai recipe which is best in texture and richness. This dish is enough to surprise your guests at dinner or lunch because it is the best Indian curry. Even for some reason, if you can’t make it at home, then you can order this dish from the Indian restaurant in Bangkok.

Want to read the recipe of Chicken Lababdar then delve into the article below and enlighten yourself.


Ingredients used in the recipe of Chicken Lababdar:
1) Some chicken pieces
2) Turmeric powder
3) Red Chilli powder
4) Cumin powder
5) Beaten Curd
6) Salt as per taste
7) Little quantity of cooking oil
8) Chopped pieces of onion
9) Green Chilli pieces
10) Chopped ginger
11) Garlic cloves
12) Green cardamom
13) Bay Leaves
14) Cumin seeds
15) Cinnamon stick
16) Black pepper
17) Coriander powder
18) Kashmiri Red Chilli powder
19) Tomato Puree
20) Roasted Kasuri Methi
21) Cream
22) Garam masala


Recipe of Chicken Lababdar:


  1. For Marination
    For marination purposes, take a medium bowl  and add chicken, turmeric powder, cumin powder , beaten curd, chili powder, salt and mix them together. 
  2. Keep them as it is for a while so that all the ingredients could marinate and mix.
  3. In the next step, take some boiling water and add other ingredients like onions, ginger, garlic, cashew nuts and cook them. After cooking, drain them and keep them aside to cool.
  4. Now start making a paste of the mixture.
  5. In the other pot, take some cooking oil along with cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, mace and black pepper and stir all the substances of the pot. 
  6. Don’t forget to add coriander powder, garam masala, tomato puree and keep stirring properly. 
  7. Add some boiled ginger pieces and onion paste and cook them until they become golden in colour.
  8. Cook the mixture for 4-5 minutes or until oil is separated.
  9. Now in the next step, add pieces of marinated chicken and stir it for a few minutes. AFter that, add a little amount of water. 
  10. Put the pot in a low medium flame so that your chicken could cook properly. 
  11. After that, you can add cream, roasted kasuri methi and stir it again for a couple of minutes. 
  12. Then in this step, your Chicken Lababdar is almost ready to eat and serve. Now you can serve Chicken Lababdar with naan, lachcha paratha or roti whichever you like. 

Amritsr restaurant has various Indian dishes to offer at very reasonable prices. Chicken Lababdar is one of them, so try this creamy Indian curry at the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok with your family members.
And to cook this dish you can follow the aforesaid steps. 

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