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Top 5 Veg Starters to Try in Our Restaurant in Bangkok

Snacks and starters are always an inseparable part of any party or celebratory moment.

In Bangkok, there are umpteen vegetarian snacks that are prepared at a number of restaurants in Bangkok, but if you are an Indian and have a craving for vegetarian dishes then you can proceed to the Indian restaurant in Bangkok.  The recipes, and methods which are used to cook vegetarian starters could be different but the taste will be ultimate at Amritsr restaurant. While some snacks are quite popular throughout India and other Asian regions, there are some snacks which are pretty wonderful and have a special aura among localites.

Have a look at the article below to explore the vegetarian starters which can be eaten at our restaurant in  Bangkok:

1) Paneer Hariyali Tikka: This green herb based Indian starter is one of the most delectable tikka dishes. With the goodness of cheese or paneer and the fragrance of pudina and coriander, you will get everything in that dish. It has a wonderful taste when eaten with green chutney and a mix of tamarind. Want to satisfy your cravings by having this Indian starter? Then nibble the small pieces of this tikka and you will feel fantastic and contented.

2) Veg Seekh Kebab: This amazing delicious starter is cooked with the help of veggies  like beans, carrots, cabbage, capsisum, potatoes and spices. These seekh kebabs are grilled in tandoor or sometimes in case of unavailability of tandoors then a clay oven will also serve the purpose. For vegetarians, this snack is literally a boon. They are served with lemon wedges, onion rings and green chutney. And some restaurants use these kebabs to make paratha rolls so that guests can easily have this food. With 2 servings and 20 minutes, this dish can be easily prepared by the chefs. 

3) Tandoori Aloo: Can you imagine that you can have tandoori aloo in the starters? Yes, it is served with great enthusiasm and passion at the Indian restaurant in Bangkok. In this dish, tandoori potatoes are grilled, spiced, marinated and lastly pan fried. This is the favourite starter dish for vegans. And moreover chapati rolls are also prepared with these tandoori aloo snacks. For marination purposes, curd is used. This can be quite spicy but you can lessen the quantity of chilli powder as per your taste. If you want to have restaurant style tandoori aloo, then you can order this starter. Authentic taste and spices will definitely hit your taste buds in the right direction once you start eating it. 

4) Mushroom Tikka: Made by marinating and grilling mushrooms, this Indian appetizer is so tasty and delicious that you can’t resist yourself from eating. These are prepared with the help of skewers above the grill oven. With bursting flavours and desi spices, these tikkas will surely tickle your taste buds. These tikkas can be used in roti wraps, plain rice and other kinds of dals. If you want  to try the unbeatable flavours and taste of this starter, then must visit Amritsr restaurant in Bangkok with your family members.

5) Paneer Makhmali Kebab: This sure shot recipe of Paneer Makhmali Kebabs are the best starters for the party lovers who want to savour their buds with this starter. As per the ingredients used, this is a very healthy meal for fitness freaks since it is rich in proteins. This dish can be a great alternative if you don\’t know how to make paneer sabzi or gravy. So try these yummy starters at Amritsr restaurant now. 


You may have heard about the number of starters but if you visit Amritsr restaurant then don’t forget to have these aforesaid starters.  These are cooked by the native chefs which make this dish more special for foodies. 

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