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Biryani is the Famous Dish

Top 5 Types of Biryani to Try in Our Restaurant in Bangkok

Biryani is a wholesome and flavorsome meal that you shouldn’t miss out on when you are visiting any Indian restaurant in Bangkok. This classic dish is made from rice and other ingredients which are so aromatic in nature.

Every place has its own uniqueness and specialty. If you are visiting Bangkok for the first time, you can explore the local cuisines and places for your dine-in. You may come across numerous restaurants in Bangkok but Amritsr restaurant is the best place to dine in. There are varieties of North Indian, South Indian and Maharashtrian dishes available which you can eat at this restaurant. Some might be tangy, others are less but they are all worth eating at your favorite place. In this article we will explain the types of Biryani which you can try at our restaurant.

Types of Biryani to Try in Our Restaurant

1) Veg Biryani: The classic, authentic, Indian vegetarian biryani is quite famous in the southern part of India but now this dish is gaining popularity in other parts of the world. Made from rice, vegetables and spices, this vegetarian dum biryani consists of savory flavours in each and every bite. In Amritsr restaurant, there are lot of variations available which you can try. We hope your visit to Amritsr restaurant will be worth it, no matter what.

2) Chicken Biryani: In contrast to veg biryani, chicken biryani is made with rice, some layers of chicken pieces and authentic aromatic flavours. In its recipe, the top layers become white since the color of the rice turns out to be white and the bottom layer absorbs all the chicken juices. This process will turn the rice into fluffy and thus suitable for eating. With marinated chicken pieces, a potent array of herbs and spices, chicken biryani turns out to be a subtle dish for non-vegetarians.

3) Prawns Biryani: What if we say that you will get Hyderabadi version of Prawns Biryani at the Indian restaurant in Bangkok? You may be surprised but that’s true. Super simple, easy, dainty and delightful these are specialities of this dish which you can try with your family members. It is sometimes called shrimp biryani or jhinga biryani  as this dish has other names for its recognition in different parts of the world. This biryani will be served with raita along with some salad. So get ready to tickle your taste buds at Amritsr restaurant.

4)  Mutton Biryani: If you are talking about non-vegetarian biryanis then we can’t neglect mutton biryani. Some people call it mutton biryani or lamb biryani. In this biryani, the meat is cooked on a low flame to get the better taste and deliciousness. Make sure you tenderize the mutton with oil and marinate with yogurt before cooking. This process will enhance the flavours. Want to have this wonderful mutton biryani then head to Amritsr restaurant in  Bangkok.

5) Egg Biryani: Last but not least, egg biryani has been liked by eggetarians and vegetarians as well. Well, egg biryani is not different at all from veg biryani except eggs. In this kind of biryani eggs are also cooked with the rice to infuse extra flavours in the dish. As per your wish, you can add spices, vegetales and other ingredients to enhance this delectable biryani.


Hope you have gone through this article properly and read about all the aforesaid types of biryani. So get ready to visit our restaurant because our well skilled chefs are waiting for your arrival.

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